Guys, you treat women badly because of the way you are or because of the girl?

I have always wondered if i a man treated me badly was it because he was a bad person or because he thought I wasn’t good enough? In my younger years I was very shy and very naive girl and I didn’t have much experience with dating and men... I started dating relatively late as I was too focused on my education. I don’t know whether it’s due to lack of experience or I am just too naive and I have always had good intentions and I can be too trusting and gullible but a lot of of men I have dated have treated me terribly. My first
Boyfriend cheated on me multiple times and he used to beat me too before I called the police on him. My second boyfriend wasn’t too bad but he used to hit me too before I called it off. Then every other guy I have dated has been a player and a bastard to me. They all seem very sweet and nice in the beginning and suddenly they switch out of nowhere they become bastards. I have always wondered if it’s because of I wasn’t good enough? Maybe they thought i wasn’t pretty enough or successful enough? I don’t come from a wealthy family either? Or is it because I just dated terrible men? To be honest, looking back all these men who have used me for sex have not changed the way they are and either had short term relationships or just continued with the fuckboy lifestyle. However I always thought if a man falls in love with a woman he would be able to change and become the most loving person ever and leave the fuckboy lifestyle behind. That’s why i always thought I wasn’t good enough because I was never that special woman who changed the guy. Maybe if they found the perfect girl and beautiful enough for her they would treat her much better than me and change for her? Or am I all wrong? The men that have used me do you think they have done it before to other girls too or was it because they thought I wasn’t their level and worthy of dating?
Guys, you treat women badly because of the way you are or because of the girl?
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