Girls, how are your cooking skills?

Every guy on this Planet finds cooking attractive.
We do, it's in our genes. It makes you immediately 10% hotter. I know that some radical feminists will call that sexist, but I don't really care. When looking for a potential wife and mother to my future kids, instead of casual girlfriend, I want to know that I can live my kids with her and they won't live on pizza until I get back.
Girls, how are your cooking skills?
But I want to know how are the cooking skills among you girls. Would you be ready to start cooking for your boyfriend's kids today? If not, tell me why?
Rate your cooking skills from 0 to 5 ("0" meaning you burn water and "5" means you're a professional chef or already experienced mom ;) ).
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A lot of you girls misinterpreted the question so let me explain:
When talking about cooking skills and discussing how important it is to your man, I didn't mean that you will be cooking FOR him. As I said in the description, I want you to judge yourself as a potential mom. Imagine that you become a mother today. The question is - how would you rate your cooking skills? Would you be up for the challenge of having children? 😊
Girls, how are your cooking skills?
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