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I'm such a fat ogre?

"no guy will approach you when your friends and sister is around. Because they are attractive and you are not. so stand away from them and maybe someone will come up to you"

whoever told me that, thank you. you were 100% right. whenever someone comes up to me they are always inquiring about my sister or friends, even my mom. guys come up to me and tell me how beautiful they are. 🤷‍♀️ I also know a model and she gets the same treatment. You think a man would choose me over Madison Beer or someone actually pretty? lol no. They might say yes, but deep down its no. That's why men follow half naked chick's on social media and THIRST after them. I'm officially done. I'll just get cheated on anyways. I wouldn't date me either. My sister and mom always get gawked at and my friends always tell me how beautiful they are. I go out dancing every Wednesday, and I didn't get asked to dance. My sister goes out ONCE and she had 9 guys ask her to dance. 9! Everyone was staring at her like she was some kind of celebrity.

girls my age have things to live for. I don't. so

chick's dress half naked and EVERY guy looks. so whats the point? Why would I waste my time when I'm gonna get cheated on eventually?
I'm such a fat ogre?
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