Is she trying to punish me?


Last summer I dated this girl, who I knew for two years, for two weeks straight. Seeing each other daily.

But she had already planned a trip with another guy after those two weeks. I overlooked it because they planned it before deciding to start dating each other.

Nevertheless, before leaving, she told me that she would rather want to have an open relationship. I replied that I didn't see those kinds of relationships as natural or healthy.

This was different from what she told me two weeks before, where she said that she no longer saw open relationships as good.

--- THE RETURN ---

When she returned back from the trip she told me that she was sorry but that, at that stage of her life, she didn't want to have the kind of relationship I was pursuing to have.

I told her that was the only kind of relationship I was willing to have, including "friendship", although I would be okay being in good terms with her in case we saw each other by chance in our daily lives. After that we stopped meeting each other.


Since that moment she has kept posting suspicious things on her social media. Things like "you shall not let others limit what your heart wants" or that "love always prevail over the barriers of fear". I suspect she is referring to me, but I did nothing about it for a long time.

But the last thing she posted I found specially disgusting. Basically it was a trip that she asked us to do, but now with another guy. Her post says:

"A month and a half away, walking without letting fictitious borders clip our wings. Walking without problems, traveling and living the adventures that our hearts awaited. That fear has no power over love! Free yourself from mental limitations, from the conditioning of the environment and be you! Follow your heart, now is the time đź’š "

--- WHAT? ---

Is she doing this on purpose to trigger me? Am I overreacting? How shall I interpret such situation?
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Likely no
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Is she trying to punish me?
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