What should I do about my situationship with this guy?

Hello everyone!

This is my first post on here and I am very excited. I’m hoping that some of you can provide some insight because i don’t have that many people in my life that i can turn to about this situation that would be unbiased!

to start off, i’ve been seeing this guy i’ve known for quite some time for about 5 months. for the most part, it’s pretty good. he’s a busy guy so we see each other once a week. from the start, he told me he wasn’t sure what he wanted which was fine bc i don’t want a relationship *right now* either. of course, i don’t want this to be all for nothing. he just moved into a new place with his sister and he works about 4 coaching jobs, so i get it. it’s a lot for him to balance and a relationship right now would not be ideal. but i will be heartbroken if this doesn’t turn into anything and i’m not sure what to do. i can tell he really likes me and this is the longest he has seen anyone since his last relationship. we talk every single day, all day. i’m the only person he makes time to see every week besides his family. but i’m just not sure what to do. again, i very very much like this guy. i would hate to end it right now and possibly ruin what could be.

also - he is attending a wedding this weekend that he has mentioned for months. he’s a part of the wedding and months ago he said something like “maybe you could be my plus one” and then i mentioned it a month ago and he stated that because he’s actually in the wedding, he doesn’t know how much time he’d be able to actually spend with me and he didn’t want to put me in an uncomfortable situation. i don’t know anyone there i’ll add. but i’m still sad he didn’t ask me or isn't bringing me. is this something i should really be worried about?

thanks so much in advance guys!
What should I do about my situationship with this guy?
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