Do guys ever regret leaving somebody they never dated?

I've tried to date somebody who is a bit self-destructive on himself, including my own.
We only dated for a month. I was very supportive. He's a recovering drug addict. His reassurance was so much for me to handle. He ended up getting mad at me for putting my trust in his hands. Having trust was hard to him. I told him I was talking to a guy friend about his fiance, the whole wedding being called off, etc. This guy FREAKED because I was on the phone with him for 2 hours. WHILE I was texting him. He's told me some things where I cried. Him knowing I cried. I never received an apology. I asked for one, and I couldn't.
His ego is MASSIVE. Yet his insecurity is just as big. He's tried to come back to me MULTIPLE times. Again, he dropped me multiple times in the first place. He gets ghosted by people, and he'll work his way to "work things out with me." Yet will have other females on the side.
I called him out on how it doesn't work like that. To stop playing females. That he'll wake up and realize who is worth keeping/losing. He randomly sent me shirtless photos of himself.

Trying to grab my attention, I ignored. Instead, I sent it to my family and laughed. That's never the way to get my attention, but a good laugh was necessary. I'll admit, I got a little toxic. I told him how I had a friends with benefits who is just a good friend in my life. How we stayed loyal to each other, yet would talk if one of us is SEEING somebody. Like, ONE person. Then I told him how my friends with benefits and I, how he's my best sex partner. Just to throw his ego down. Sorry...

This guy has caused me DAMAGE. Telling me to just wear leggings/biker shorts. He goes on telling me how my style is too dark for him. How he's into girly-girls. I just stared at him, not knowing how to react. This is WHO I am. Yet he goes on telling me how I deserve better, that I'm a very attractive female and etc.
Do guys ever regret leaving somebody they never dated?
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