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What happened and why is the guy I’ve been seeing acting this way?

The past month I’ve been seeing/dating a guy and things have gone really well. We’ve really connected and spent a lot of time together, becoming emotionally attached and bonded. Ever since our first conversation ever, we’d talked every single day since with him initiating every time. He’s been wanting to see me multiple times a week and always initiates plans saying he misses me, even if he just saw me. He always compliments me, my heart, and my looks. We have been intimate and he’s admitted I’m one of the best and that we have really good sex. Last weekend, I met his dad. He met my friends and sister and we had a long weekend together at my vacation home. He has shown me to his best friend and even said he wanted to make me his girlfriend soon but wanted to be sure before jumping in which is very reasonable. He’s said to be on various occasions that I’m the only girl he’s talking to/seeing without me asking at all. He is starting a fellowship next school year and will be an hour away and even said that it wasn’t a big deal and we will still see each other, so he was thinking ahead. Yesterday, he opened his dating app and started messaging someone right in front of me and I got upset because I thought things were heading differently and that I was the only one as he said. He said at the time he said that, I was the only one, now I’m not apparently. Then later at night, he said he’s not really into the BBW stuff because I’m a bigger girl even though he said I’m still very attractive and that he feels emotionally strong for me. He seemed confused and I know he’s a bit more casual and takes longer to commit but my head is spinning over all this. We kinda left things up in the air and are giving each other some space to think.
What happened and why is the guy I’ve been seeing acting this way?
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