Do you think we are dating or he's playing?

so this guy lives in florida and I live in nyc, I travel frequently to florida and when im there we hangout, go to eat, party, I sleep in his house somedays.. of course we have had sex, the chemistry is amazing and we pretty much act like a couple.
He told me once "I hope you're not talking to other guys, cause im not talking to other girls because of u" and he told me that "im perfect for him". when im there he pursues me and asks me on dates I've never have had the initiative because he's always very attentive.

I returned 10 days ago and he has texted me everyday (WhatsApp, instagram dms, and snapchat..) yesterday we sent nuuudes ok.
do u think we are dating? he hasn't asked me to be together though...

Anyways im returning at the end of the month with a friend and I guess I will see him, im a little bit upset he hasn't told me to go and visit him. Maybe im being a little bit intense?

We have been flirting since April but things have gotten more serious since last time I went there and stayed for two weeks.
Do you think we are dating or he's playing?
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