Is he trying to verbally abuse or manipulate me? (see my other question on acct CaitHarmyy)?

My (now dumped) boyfriend when we initially met about 7 months ago would obsess over me and say you're the most beautiful thing, etc look at me a certain adoring way 24/7 shower me w compliments throughout the relationship, some bad stuff happened in the relationship like me holding the past over his head at one point and then as time went on in the last weeks of the relationship he turned way more cold towards me cus he had a delayed response to me holding the past over his head (which is fair like I understand how badly that upset him) and then during arguments he would lash out so bad and I would ask if he cares about me and he would say "not right now" so he is very hot headed, and during arguments he started saying things like "I need to raise my standards", "I can do better than you physically", and a lot of hurtful things then the literal next day would say "I was mad I didn't mean that" like what the heck. During the fight (in my other Q on here) he was like "im not interested in you", "Im not attracted to you for many reasons" and then tried to tell me he dated me out of pity said he wasn't attracted to me but decided we have a lot in common I don't buy this since I know i'm beautiful and get told often and he would constantly tell me (in fact he told me an hour before saying all the above that I'm beautiful and hot) and also obsessed over me/complimented me a lot from the moment after our first date concluded and he immediately asked me out for the next day, so I am wondering if he said these things to hurt me as some form of verbal abuse? Why would he date someone he isn't attracted to for 7 mos and want to "do it" with me every day and tell me how beautiful I am during and after and also constantly spend time with me etc it just does not add up to me. Also, he gave me shit once for wearing a vneck since I'm well endowed and said 'did you go hang w ur friends like that' and didn't really approve what do you guys think of him
Is he trying to verbally abuse or manipulate me? (see my other question on acct CaitHarmyy)?
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