Girl hanging out with guy friend late?

I'm dating this for about 2 months. She told me tonight she is going to hang out with her best guy friend at his house til about Those were her words. She has told me before about him and that there's not an attraction but I can tell he is normal looking if not good looking guy. By the way he has no girlfriend. Should I be worried because she doesn't stay out that late with me.

Should I say something to her because I don't want to seem jealous or smother her but obviously I'm jealous. I just don't see what the desire would be to go hang out for that late with a friend would be. Oh yeah there is gonna be another girl there that lives next door.


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  • I think it's fine. It depends on how much you trust her because I have more and better guy friends than girls and I know that most of them I wouldn't want to do anything with because they are like brothers to me so it depends how close they are and in what way (:

    • i trust her mostly haha...i don't trust guys..i know how they can be and I don't know many guys who wants a girl to come over and hang out that late if he didn't have something in mind

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    • she did once and it was because we fell asleep together.i have no clue.she said she would not do something with him like that..but the thing is I have no idea if he even knows about me.whenever she is with him she will not text back and if she does its one word answers or just a smiley face...ive been out with her and her girlfriend and they have talked about him before and it didn't seem like anything would happen...she at least told me she was staying out til around what to think..

    • also she is with him how do I tell her I like her a lot or what do I say because I'm not even sure if she will text me back?

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  • just wait until the next time you two are alone so you can tell her in person, its annoying and frustrating when my phone goes off and I'm with friends

    an if she's telling you that she's with them then its most likely that nothing serious is going on

    • ok I think I may tell her goodnight I'm not sure..i think its just one of those things I won't understand haha.

    • yea I wouldn't mind that its sweet just dw bout it, talk to her in person or ask her to talk if she texts u

    • how should I tell her goodnight because usually one of us just falls asleep texting.

  • I think it's fine especially if she told you that she would be there so late, and it must be annoying to only get one word texts back but whenever I was with a guy and I was with my group of guys friends without him, I would sometimes not text back at all just because I want to enjoy time with my friends and I didn't really like that they wouldn't trust me or couldn't go hang out with his friends or something...

    • i know what you mean. I guess the only thing that is driving me crazy is what they could possibly do at his house til that late since they are just friends. I just want to send her something sweet but I don't want to sound clingy or something and just make it worse. I don't know if I should just not text her anything and just wait til she texts me tomorrow or what

    • wait till she texts you or you see each other

      and what they can be doing... talking or eating or something? Thsats what I do with my guy friends... :) its different than 2 girls being friends or 2 guys being friends, I'm guessing, but in a good way. I don't know why but I always liked most of my guy friends better; you need both but for me I would rather have most of my guy friends than the girls

    • yeah that's what she says about guy friends. I think that's just one difference between guys and girls. should I tell her goodnight?

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