Is it too soon to spend NYE in a new relationship?

So I started seeing this guy about a month ago.

we met through online dating in late August and spoke for about a month before meeting in person.
We clicked right from start and feelings just grew from there. We became really close friends, seeing each other once a week. I was the first one to mention having feelings beyond being friends but he likes to say he’s the one who initiated the ‘will you go out with me’ conversation xD

I got accepted for a mortgage of a house 2-3 weeks prior to matching online that just so happens to be only 15 mins away from him, I lived about 45 minutes away when we met and only moved to my new house at end of November. So we’ve seen more of each other being only down road technically 😂

We both have New Years Eve off and I want to drink. all my friends and family are at least £30-£40 taxi ride away. I could drive to them but then I won’t be able to drink.
So I said to my partner I might as well get drunk with my cat at home, this is when he said he was going to pub with his friends for New Year’s Eve and I’m free to join but is concerned with it all being guys.

If I do decide to take up the offer it’ll be my first time meeting his friends and I have no problem talking to new people, having a laugh etc but I don’t want to intrude on guy time.
not like I’m the kind of woman who talks about make up and girly dresses and sh*t…. I don’t think I would be bored

im just more worried that as a new girlfriend some of his friends might just have wanted it to be “lads night” I dunno I feel I might be overthinking it. I don’t intend on being all lovey dovey with him in front of his friends xD I’ve always spent NYE either at work or with family/friends and my options this year is spend it alone or with my new boyfriend and his friends.

Would it be too soon to spend a holiday with my new partner and his friends?
Is it too soon to spend NYE in a new relationship?
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