Is it true once man hit 30 they prefer younger woman?

One of my friends from the church I go to introduce me to one of her highschool long time friend. My friend's guy friend who had just turn 30 ask me to go out for dinner with him at a restaurant , We bought exchange numbers and schedule the day. Yesterday we meet up at the restaurant every was going well we were enjoying a good conversation it was until the waitress came and my date order his wine latter the lady ask me I told her oh no thank you so my date told me oh once you turn 21 you will be able to spoiled yourself lol. I told my date oh I'm actually 28 I am just not a fan of drink. My dates facial expressions change he told me , Oh I was expecting for you to be much younger. He got disappointed and told me he had to live and never heard from him since. What was that all about? I am feeling self conscious of myself since I will be 29 soon closer to 30. Why does age matter more then the same maturity level. This guy he is 30 which means he has more things in common then a 21 y are old. I noticed that guys at least the ones that are almost my same age only want younger woman.
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Is it true once man hit 30 they prefer younger woman?
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