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Was it a date or just hanging out?


There is this guy I have worked with for almost four month, we don’t work the same shifts so we only see eachother 3-4 times a week for 30 mins max. We’ve chatted but never texted or done anything outside of work 3 days ago he asked me if I had plans for NYE and when I said no he asked me to go with him to see Christmas lights at a lake. He said his friend and friends girlfriend were also going and he didn’t want to third wheel, and if I went he would have someone to talk to. I had wanted to see these lights anyways so I said sure, why not? I should’ve asked at this point if it was a date or not, but because his friend and friends girlfriend were going to I wasn’t sure. But again, prior to this, we had never done anything beyond small talk when changing shifts so it felt a little random to ask me of all people.

So the day comes around and he picks me up, I open the door expecting his friend and friends girlfriend to be in the car and its just him. He says they had a fight right when he picked them up and aren't coming. I was like oh shit so its just us two now. He then made a show of calling his friend on speakerphone and asking if theyre still coming to which his friend says no. So we go to see the lights but it doesn't seem like he even wanted to see them, didn’t take any pictures he was more focused on just walking and talking. Seemed like he wanted to steer the night elsewhere but I was so caught off guard that I wasn’t very helpful lol. He asked if I wanted to go into this cafe to get a drink, which I said no thank u, but he ended up buying me a coffee even though I insisted on paying myself. His friend calls back and invites us to his place to have some drinks, but I was tired and so asked to go home. He dropped me off and I awkwardly said goodbye because at this point I have no idea if that entire thing had been set up by him or not, and I’m not even sure how I feel about him now. Long story short did he intend that to be a date or am I just over thinking?
Was it a date or just hanging out?
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