Why do I find it so annoying when other women are so shallow about who they date?

I’m a woman who recently realized how annoying other women are about their “standards” when it comes to choosing a partner. I’m actually frustrated and can empathize completely now with men who complain about women passing them up.
You know what I’m talking about by standards — “he must be over 6 foot, make at least 6 figures or more than me, be handsome and ripped, work out 8 days a week, and have a good family” or whatever the list is. I’m sorry but this is so funny to me. Most women (statistically speaking) don’t even make 6 figures... so why is this a must have for the men they date? The average woman makes like 50-60K I think. Then the height thing about being over 6 feet tall... again average woman is like 5’4 so WHY THE FUCK does your guy have to be over 6 foot when most men will be taller than you anyways? “I’m 5’10” in heels” smh.
I really always considered myself a supporter of women and I really do want people to succeed around me but these standards are fucking outrageous. I don’t see on their list anywhere “treats me with respect” or anything like that. That should always be first... how someone even treats you and makes you feel.
I see women sleep with men who make like 400K and the guy treats them like SHIT but they are grateful that the guy hooked up with them? Ladies where is your respect for yourselves?
I’m starting to get really frustrated with how shallow so many women are, and I’m not even a guy or their target!
Oh, and even if a guy matches all the boxes perfectly to a T she’ll still talk to other men or complain about some attribute that’s not perfect. SMH.
Also most of these women aren’t even that attractive themselves. Honestly the most beautiful women I’ve met don’t even have boyfriends/husbands who meet these standards with height, etc. I find it beyond annoying. And because of these shallow women, who by the way are also players and complain about men, the good men are leaving the dating scene and saying “fuck it!”
Why do I find it so annoying when other women are so shallow about who they date?
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