Is it a waste of time to pursue this?

I met a guy, we seemed to click...
He's Indian sikh, I'm black Christian.
Both of us share the same birth month.
So I think that's why we're getting each other.
He said he's been single for 5 months whereas I've been single for 3 years.
I made it clear I'm looking for something more long term.
And he said he's exploring.
But after chatting for 3 weeks he basically said that he feels we have an mental and emotional connection and likes me.
There's a lot we have in common and I do like him too.
We finally met up, all went really well.
We shared a cute couple of kisses at the end of the evening and texted well into the night.
He text again this morning and this evening.
But he's already reminiscing about our kiss but flirting with the idea of more.
Although I'm into him I'm not sure I want to be sexual with him.
Because of our expectations.
He works crazy hours, so I can see why he's probably not really thinking girlfriend.
And I'm not thinking fling.

I'm open to seeing him again so long as he's not rushing me for sex.
Not because I want to try and change his mind but because I don't really know what else is really needed when you have a mental and emotional connection with someone.
I vowed a 2 date minimum unless something goes really awfully wrong.

I feel kinda bad though, I wasn't rude but I had to shut him down.
I'm visiting my grandparents soon, so I told him I have to be good, since I have to test against covid.
"If in the event I'm positive, I just cannot go!"
I'd love to see him but without exchanging bodily fluids!
Even we'd be using protection!
Is it a waste of time to pursue this?
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