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What are some advantages/benefits of men when it comes to girls?

I'm asking this because I've had bad experiences with guys, and guys have disappointed most girls, so I've just lost a lot of hope in them as they don't seem to be very helpful for girls. It's almost illogical that us women are even attracted to men when they don't even have that much to offer apart from being able to give us babies. Most men are only looking for sex, wouldn't really approach or become friends with a girl unless it involves finally getting sex from them at the end, they wouldn't really spend time with a girl just to chat or hang out, they don't do favours for girls unless sex is involved, they're not good at comforting women emotionally, they flirt with nearly every girl & are very likely to cheat on their partners, so I would just like to hear some positive things about men to help me restore my faith and hope in them, as I am after all straight and not a feminist, and would really like to have a boyfriend one day, a decent one hopefully.

so far, all I think of in terms of positive things about men is:

- that they can be physically comforting if they're bigger than us. even if they're not that emotionally caring, a big guy's hugs & warmth can feel comforting & helps us feel protected
- their deep voices can also feel comforting sometimes
- they're more easy going & chill, so they don't pay attention to a lot of little things that annoy us girls, so it can help us stress a little less
- they're also usually a bit funnier & more entertaining than most girls, so sometimes we can let loose & not be so serious with them
- they're stronger than us & can help us with heavy things or dangerous things

that's all I can think of really, anything else you guys can add?
What are some advantages/benefits of men when it comes to girls?
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