Can you help this late bloomer with finally dating a guy.. ?

Hi everyone ,,
I have not been in the app long so I don’t know how to use it properly haha
Also sorry about my bad English I’m not an American !

So I’m 31, my personality according to people is very shy , introvert and lonely. I can’t say I’m a lonely person but I do enjoy my time alone.
I have also never had a boyfriend even now at 31 !!! 😩 I know to some it’s crazy but that was honestly my choice for some reasons I was never interested to anyone. There was a time I was when I was 27 but my parents passed away so suddenly in a car accident. So I dropped it again. Since 27 until now 31 years flew by and I can say I’m finally seeing some hope and light. I’m staring to feel happy. Also graduated college and worked made some money.

Back to the main topic
Your girl met a guy 🥺☺️ it was a sudden meeting close to where I live. Then we started messaging and talking been 1 month now. Last week he told me he is interested to get to know me more and asked to be his girlfriend. I said yes, I finally like someone the way how I want them to be and act etc. he is a nice guy. Also he is 37 older then me and I like that.
However , damn I’m so ashamed.
I have never dated , should I tell him this. I don’t even known how to kiss let alone other things.. I feel too anxious. Is this normal? Do you think If I tell him the truth he might not like this?
What do you think I should do!! I mean I’m not 25 virgin I’m a dinosaur 31 years old ugh..
I’m very shy around him 🥺 because of this reason.
My close friend says he probably noticed !! And that there is nothing wrong with it
Can you help this late bloomer with finally dating a guy.. ?
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