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Who do you trust more to get advice about relationships from: men or women?


The whole premise of this website is to ask the opposite gender about dating and relationship questions. Given we are anonymous it’s easier to ask questions and get responses without worry about losing face.

And yet I find that most women I talk to do NOT often give good dating advice. I feel that they usually respond to “protect the team” i. e. tell me what to do which is in best interest to another random woman vs. really trying to understand my POV.

For what it’s worth it’s extremely difficult to think and understand the opposite gender. But I don’t always respond to “protect some other guy” depending on the circumstance a woman is going through and asking about.

Sometimes i see women talking about emotionally abusive relationships and encourage them to get tough and draw the line. They struggle because they have feelings which are compromising their judgment (can be true on the man’s side as well). But I don’t like seeing dbag guys get away with that crap. I sure as hell won’t tell the girl to keep enabling them.

But I feel that most women on here (and in general) always give the other woman the benefit of the doubt when they are giving advice to guys. Guys aren’t looking for the answer they want to hear on here. They want the truth so when we ask questions we rarely embellish our circumstances.

Anyway when I am dealing with tough dating situations I find that other men usually give better advice then women. Reason being they are feeling emotions I am feeling so they can look at issue more clear headed. It might be not what I want to hear. But what I NEED to hear. That is what matters.

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Also I think women sometimes give men “feel good advice” when the male friend is having problems. They are more hesitant just to tell the guy straight out the other woman isn’t interested in him, doesn’t respect him, etc.

I understand how they don’t want to hurt the man’s ego. But honestly rather hear “that bitch doesn’t respect you. The hell with her and cut her off” vs “oh maybe she’s unsure or just upset”.

Sure if I liked the girl it’s not fun hearing that. But I prefer the hard truth.
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I got some good insights to this. I guess it seems logical to ask the opposite gender for advice when you want to date and get in relationships with the opposite gender. I know I will never be able to think like a woman so why not ask a woman for advice? But there are some lurking variables here:

1. While there are similarities obviously not all women are the same nor are all men the same.

2. On a conscious level men and women say things about what they really want. But (Cont)
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Looks like a near perfect mirror gender gap in the results. 2/3rds of guys trust other men more. 2/3rds of girls trust other girls more.

I guess it is natural to trust someone who you can relate to more knowing they understand how you feel being a man or woman.
Who do you trust more to get advice about relationships from: men or women?
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