Guy I’m dating randomly stressed not to worry over his female friend? why do guys say this?

😂 this is more of a humors post about funny guys behavior since I’ve been seeing this guy for a while, we get along really well and been on date four , but we talk every day and have a heck of a lot of things in common and almost identical humor and personality. Yesterday we went out to eat (we’re both foodies lol) and he spoke about some funny stories of his close female friend.
i also have a close male friend I’ve shared stores about and we both spoke about them before so there’s no weirdness or stuff there to clarify. Im also not the jealous type of girl, and we’ve yet to have the “what are we conversation” (which I plan to soon) but have strongly made future n plans on going to many future dates and amongst other things, so we’ve just entered stepped past just casual dating, since all of our dates are in public and very polite and all.

this date he randomly said something that caught me by surprise though after talking about the funny story he blurted out “btw you don’t have to worry about her or anything, because she’s into older white dudes, like bald, like the pitbull looking types 😂, so I’m out of the question and we’re strictly friends you know so don’t worry!” And I laughed and assured him I wasn't the jealous type anyways and reassured him about my guy friend as well and we both laughed.

Is there a particular reason he brought that up? It was very random? I never saw it before as a threat or uncomfortable because I’m a pretty secure girl in dating or relationships and I judged his personality and I can tell he is very honest and he has a lot of qualities I like. When we go out people always stare at him because he’s quite the looker 😂 ( black/ Japanese) and he gets started at all the time to his annoyance and goes on little rants, but I find it hilarious and entertaining 🤣 I’m sure other girls would find it annoying and get jealous though. He’s a catch 🫶🏻😸

Guy I’m dating randomly stressed not to worry over his female friend? why do guys say this?
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