Do you agree with Pearl's presentation for why dating is crap in 2022?


-Before reliable contraception, women risk getting pregnant if they slept around

-Women thus had to think carefully on who they would spread their legs for since it could mean them ending up single mother which was looked down upon.

-In addition, fathers were actively involved in vetting male suiters to make sure they were reliable, loyal and good provider for his daughter

-After contraception came about, women had less fear in place of getting knocked up and becoming a baby mamma. Woman can now freely hoe around.

-This lead to more single parent households since women's judgement in picking men often lead to them picking men that other woman want but who may not be good providers (Chad, Tyrone, Jamal, Wang, Chadjeet, Juan)

-Thanks to archaic marital laws that allow "no fault divorce", women could freely marry a man that they don't really love, cheat on him with Chad and get a payday if they so ever choose to divorce him. This means that women who previously agreed to traditional roles in the past of a good provider husband could screw him over now if they wanted to.

-Women no longer have any deterrent in place to remain in marriage outside of emotional sentiment for ones spouse. While in the past, if a woman choose to divorce her man, she would end up homeless and be seen as a pariah by the community; as can be seen in India where the divorce rates are low.

-Simps have also provided a nice cushy, safety net for women when making bad choices in life. As these type of males will gladly wife up these baby mamas and try to make it work.

-She then mention government, who will tax the general public to take care of these out of wedlock children.

-Social media has warped many woman's perception of their worth in dating. Many average women get on there and get complimented over and over by both men and woman. It also gives HVM access to them more easily and make women think they are at their level when they sleep with them.

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1 y
- So a lot of women get over inflated ego because she thinks she's on the level of guys who were sleeping with her. Eventually it hits them that the guy that they sleep with isn't the same guy that will wife them up. When woman's biological clock starts ticking, they eventually pick from among the best men willing to commit to them and settle for him.

-So average guy and girl gets married. However, girl isn't happy and she either cheats or leave him.
1 y
-This is supported by data on marriages which showed that sexual partner counter correlated with marital dissatisfaction among woman over 10 year period.

Do you agree with Pearl's presentation for why dating is crap in 2022?
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