Uncanny resemblance to an ex?

Have any of you all dated someone or met someone who resembles your ex? I know some people like try to find someone just like their ex to take their place, but just haven’t ran across it in real life.

Until just recently I matched with this guy on Tinder and he was cute, we talked and things seemed like they were going great so he added me on Snapchat, sent me a selfie. And I opened it and I stopped dead in my tracks. It wasn’t obvious from his selfies on Tinder, but in his Snapchats he looks so similar to my ex that it freaked me out. Like he’s a great guy, he’s really attractive, but everytime I look at him I’m afraid I’m going to call him by my exes name because of how similar they look.

Would you just walk away from a situation like this? Or would you try continue to get to know a person who looks like your ex.
Uncanny resemblance to an ex?
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