Does my boyfriend like this girl?

I wrote about this situation in my previous postBut I wanted to add some more detail as the situation evolved since then. Long story short my boyfriend has a friend who is a girl who he pursued a long time ago but she curved him. I met up with her and him on a night out and I had to witness her flirt with my boyfriend and every guy in sight. Whilst I don't think my boyfriend directly flirted back, he did spend enough of the night staring at her. Here are a couple of other random things he's done that makes me wonder whether he has a crush on her:

  • He always amends plans to fit her. Whilst he complains about her being hard to please, he still let's her call the shots.
  • On Halloween when he found out she might not have a costume, he bought her kitty ears and some face paint without her even asking.
  • He calls her a bitch when he's talking to me and acts as if he finds her annoying but I can't help but think this is just repressed sexual tension.
  • When I speculated why she flirted with him on that night out, I said 'perhaps she does find you attractive and now that you have a girlfriend she feels competition or maybe she was in a weird mood or..' and responded with 'you really think she could like me?'
  • When I joked about who her next boyfriend could be my boyfriend said 'no she wouldn't date him, she only likes black guys' (my boyfriend is white). He mentions this a lot, as if he takes offence at the fact that she likes black guys because he's not black.
  • When we speculated that she might be hooking up with one of their other friends, he was way too curious and kept asking 'you really think they could be hooking up?' whilst biting his nails and shaking his leg.
  • When me and him started dating, one of the first people he messaged was her and it went something like this: him: 'how are you anyway? How is it going with your boyfriend, you still together?' her: 'urm yh it's all good!' him: 'I'm back with my ex lol'

Does he like her?

Does my boyfriend like this girl?
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