Is he keeping me as an option?

Ex broke up with me over a month ago. First couple of wks we argued then tried no communication and managed a weekl at a time before caving. Now were talking okish and he wants to meet next week to catch up and see how things are between us. He's admitted he misses me but there were things about being in a relationship he didn't like. It's both our first proper relationships at 1.5 years. He joined a dating site and has told me none of the girls compare to me in the slightest that he's chatted to online.he's told me he's not promising anything and I said the same to him as he seems to think that us getting back together depends on what he wants and not considering that I might have chained my mind since the split.


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  • yeah...obviously you are his plan B. he wants to move on but at the same time he does not want to regret later on if he doesn't find a good girl. so on one hand he is keeping you around (making sure you don't move on 0 while on the other he is joining dating sites and looking for other girls. he is not promising you anything because he does not want to be seen as a bad guy in the end if he gets a new girl.

    its crystal clear, my friend. you don't need us to tell you something which is so obvious. don't let your heart make excuses for him..."maybe he did that because.." ..."maybe he is confused".." maybe he said this so as to..."... NO! if the guy loves you and wants to be with you he will be with you and not break up and join dating sites.

  • be very careful. there's a good chance you're his back-up. he told you himself he's tried finding a new girl and they aren't comparing to you. so, is he trying to get back together with you? and if so, have you guy resolved the issues you had while you were together? OR is he just making sure you're around and throwing you a bone here and there because he's worried he might not meet someone? ask yourself, how would you feel if you meet with him and see him and hope to get back together and don't move on with your life and then you hear one day that one of those girls on the dating site is one he liked and has started seeing regularly?

    he may have realized a loss and changed his mind. or he's just using you to feel good about having you there for him when he wants you to be there...until he finds someone else. tread lightly...