Have you ever been disappointed with someone when they took their clothes off?


I feel like a horrible person, I briefly dated a guy who I didn’t have feelings for but I appreciated him for his personality, his smartness and his care to me. I also liked his style, he was very tall and had a really presentable style.

When we met each other he always wore the outfit that made him look bigger, one day we went out dancing and when he took off his jacket, cause he was feeling hot, I got totally turned off because of the small and very slim shoulders, my ex had shoulders 4 times bigger than him. I felt horrible cause of thinking that, but I got so turned off could almost find it hard to hide, I didn’t say anything. But I think he might have noticed.

I feel bad because he has mentioned he has been working out and eating a lot but finds it hard to put on some weight.

That day I told him I didn’t feel the attraction necessary for us to keep our relationship but I didn’t mention his appearance, I just mentioned we didn’t rhyme.

I think I hurt him, while trying to hide the real reason I didn’t feel attracted I said some things that might have hurt him more.

Yesterday I was sitting at home and thinking, I am not perfect either, I have grayish birthmarks on my forehead and my nose got broken when I was a child, so I have a bump on my nose, I am not perfect either but if someone will stop being with me because of that, I would feel so hurt and horrible.

I now feel upset, guilty and sad for not showing him more kindness and for not making him feel better, he’s a smart, attentive and a nice person and I stopped dating because of a very shallow reason.

I feel so guilty….

What do I do?

11 mo
Roast me as much as you want, I feel like I deserve.
Have you ever been disappointed with someone when they took their clothes off?
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