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She loves but but she also loves him too…?


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I’m in love with a woman and she’s in love with me but … she’s also in love with a guy she’s known for 9 years AND has kids with. But they aren’t together. And he was also very abusive with her at one point and she confessed that she isn’t with him because of that reason , because he’s hurt her so many times.

I had recently stepped into her life (4 months ago) and we share everything and anything together. She’s another half of me and I’m another half of her. I’ve never been close to anyone like this before.

I understand her situation with the man she’s living with (no they aren’t together… yes long story don’t ask lol..) but it’s just confusing because she told me “I love him SOMETIMES in a romantic way and SOMETIMES as a best friend. But I love you romantically and as a best friend“

What does this mean to you? What should I do because I’m head over heels. And she is too.

She loves but but she also loves him too…?
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