Kissing: how can I "knock his socks off" ? : )

Ok, so I haven't had my first kiss yet but I know it's coming soon.

I really don't know what I'm doing and I want it to be amazing.

...So guys, what are some kissing turn-ons? I Just really want to knock his socks off lol, so what are some things I can do?


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  • Just follow his moves. You really aren't going to ''knock his socks off'' by being a good kisser, so relax and have fun.

    • I agree...just go with it. Some things NOT to do are...jam you tongue down his throat and/or inject a bunch of spit in his mouth. If you don't do these then you'll be just fine!

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  • Hi sweetie
    I've kissed many people, and it takes a while to realise what each guy likes, so don't stress. First of all make sure your lips are nice and soft, use lip butters as opposed to gloss because that can get sticky and gross. Plus carry mints to make sure you taste extra yummy. Start off by having your mouth closed, a peck, then nudge his mouth open with your tongue slowly. Then move your mouth slowly in conjunction with his. If you're not sure where to put your hands, best avoid anywhere awkward, so either the waist or shoulders. It depends where you are to be honest. Tongues are best avoided unless you really know what to do because it can get messy. Make sure you close your eyes.
    But most of all enjoy yourself. Your first kiss will be all butterflies and happiness so don't stress, enjoy it and it will be much, much better.
    Good luck!!