Girls, I like this girl at my job, is she playing hard to get?


I’ll make this short as possible lol

I met this girl at work. I approached her and gave her my number. No contact yet. BUT ever since that day I’ve been noticing she been more interested in talking to me lately. Now I’m a flirt and she always smiling at me and when we talk so based on that I “think” she’s feelin me. I asked her out one day. She said she’d think about it. Haven’t heard anything yet. It’s still fresh tho.

I do feel like she playing hard to get with me which can get annoying but she’s younger than me we both in our mid to late 20’s so I’m not that surprised. She’s also said she single. But I know she probably talking to someone else fasho which is probably the main reason she hasn’t contacted me yet.
Me personally tho I think she’s likes me based off how we interact with each other, but that might be what’s holding this situation back.

I’m keeping my options open of course, She’s just the one that I’m vibing the most with right now. she's difficult yes but she's really cool people.

Hope i explained this situation well enough just wanted y’all opinion on what I should do moving forward.

Girls, I like this girl at my job, is she playing hard to get?
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