Is she being genuine?

I've matched with a really beautiful and nice woman online. I couldn't believe my luck. We had our first date last week and it went really well, but she was soo shy, and kept giggling and hiding her face so I had to lead. We've been messaging everyday since we matched and we've called each other a hand full of times too. Our second date is this weekend and it is the first second date either of us have ever been on.

She's soo sweet and flattering to me. She hardly knows me, but she tells me she misses me, and that she likes me, or she wants to hug me, or asks when will she be allowed to kiss me, or she offers to help me with things. I only discovered this woman existed a week ago!

I've never experienced attention like this before, and I certainly didn't expect it from someone who looks like her. She is like a model and way out of my league. But it's not all about looks, she's smart, and caring, and sweet too. I'm having difficulty processing how someone can become soo infatuated with me soo quickly. I don't particularly think I'm anything special, and I have asked her why she likes me and she described the things which she has interacted with so far, I. e my appearance, voice, and personality. We still hardly know anything about each other.

She's Chinese, and in her 30s but living alone in the UK. I know there is a lot of pressure on Chinese women to marry in their early 20s, and somehow this woman has somehow made it to her 30s and still single. She told me she's looking for a future husband, and I told her I'm looking for a potential wife.

I like her, but I can't help but wonder if this attention is really genuine. Is the shyness genuine? Is this standard behaviour from Chinese women? Am I overthinking and I should just enjoy the experience and see where it goes? I'm worried she is feeling pressure to find a husband and so is seeing me as just a target.

Is she being genuine?
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