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Is this guy weird or is it just me?


So we met online, have been on 1 date after texting for a few days. He wanted to kiss me but I didn't feel comfortable because I dont know him in person well enough yet.(I also have a lack of relationship experience) He kept putting his head and face over my shoulder when I was showing him photos on my. phone. I like him but I like personal space too especially when it comes to strangers.

He said he understands and knows things won't instantly comfortable. I'm terrible at flirting, I feel very awkward when he makes hints or sexual jokes. We got talking about my height and how I'd need to be on his shoulders to see a mirror. Basically, he said he couldn't wait til my legs were wrapped around his head. Then I said I was full from dinner and he said, maybe I needed some belly rubs (I'm. not a dog 😂) Am I weird or is this too much too soon?

I know things happen quickly online,(we have talked about a potential future together ) but we've known each other less than two weeks, our next date is soon and I'm worried he won't take things slow, once I've had a few drinks Ill relax and can imagine kissing him. I do find him attractive and we do connect despite our lack of similar interests. But without any alcohol it will take me a few dates to get comfortable.

Is this guy weird or is it just me?
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