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Why are Latina women usually plus-sized?

I've been on the journey for a short while now and have been truly shocked by the number of Latina girls who are overweight or just straight up obese. The way it is now, I feel like soon most women from Latin American countries will start resembling the ones in the US. Beauty is probably the most important thing for a woman when it comes to attracting men, and yet so few spend any time eating right, working out and taking care of themselves all while expecting to get excellent matches.

Nobody is asking them to have some sort of super fit body but just be generally fit/slim, and it is really pitiful how few are like that. The most interesting thing about this is most of them do not want overweight or obese men, but want men to accept them as they are.

I am extremely fit and workout regularly along with counting calories and everything, but I was not always like this. I was quite overweight 2 years ago, and my parents just straight up told me that I was fat and needed to get fit if I wanted to get good matches and get married. It is not difficult in the slightest, and just takes some discipline when it comes to eating right (90% of it) and working out (10%). Even though looks are not as important for guys as it is for women, I still did it, and it clearly has increased my chances, so it makes it even more shocking that so many women do not do anything about it and, in fact, are just getting bigger.

How do these women expect to get good matches? And why don't they see how obvious and important it is to be fit if you want to attract high quality men?

Why are Latina women usually plus-sized?
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