I don't know how to act around my boyfriend

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a little bit now...but I have a probablem talking...like I am not shy, I guess I'm just trying to figure out how to act around him. I'm not myself, I'm kinda dull and don't have my jumpyness I guess you could say. I really like him a lot, and he likes me a lot...but I don't know how...

he tells me to talk more, that it doesn't matter what I say he'll still like me, just talk and never stop lol.

I always mess up my words around him. how can I be less shy, and what could I talk about. how can I stop this stupidness and show him I'm fun?


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  • how can I be less shy? Put yourself in social situations and stop worrying about how to act around him.

    What could I talk about? Yourself, him, hopes, dreams, goals, fears, best experiences, hobbies, interests, knowledge.

    How can I stop this stupidness and show him I'm fun? By not worrying about his approval.

  • I think you might just be bored of his company. Sometimes when you get to know someone too much the conversation can get very dull.

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