Is there such a thing as texting etiquette?

So I have been talking to this guy for a few weeks now. I met him online. We haven't officially met yet, but we text a lot. I often text him in the morning with a "good morning handsome :)" Sometimes he texts back, sometimes he doesn't. Usually I'm not wanting to start a conversation at that time so I don't text back.

If I text him other times and he doesn't text back right away, I'll forget about it and he would text me later. (He's obviously busy). I also make sure to not text him if we are in the middle of a conversation and he doesn't text back.

I also give him plenty of space to quit texting if he wants to. For instance, we were texting yesterday for about an hour. The conversation seemed like it was dying down so I told him to text me whenever he wants to, but he just replied "what are you doing right now" so he kept the conversation going.

Here is the problem: I really want to text him right now, but he stopped texting about an hour ago because he texted Lol and I ended it there.

Should I say F it and text him? Is there a certain amount of time that people are comfortable texting for? Do you guys see what I am asking?

Also, I asked the same guy if he had a Facebook, he said yes, so I told him to add me. Right away I told him not to. He just replied "lol ok". I just think it's to soon to add him, I don't know where our friendship will go so I don't want him on my page, just in case I have to delete him. Do you think I could have messed something up? Should I add him?


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  • I think there's an etiquette for everything as in how to act during school, around your friends, and your coworkers (if you work). Think back when the guy you're texting usually replies, does he text during the day? During the evening? During the night? and try to figure out the pattern. If a guy stops texting back then it's like you said, he's busy or just doesn't want to text anymore so I guess you'll have to leave it as that. So just go with your gut feeling when deciding whether to text him or not, just be yourself and do what you think is best. I'm sort of like you by the way. I know when the conversation seems like it's dying down then it just ends there and wait for the next day or if you know his schedules and times, text him when you think he has free available time. I think I would be a great texting buddy for you.

    • Oh really? lol

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    • :)

    • How about now? :)

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  • I wouldn't add him to the fb page because he sounds little bit shady. I mean if he is interested in getting to know you he would ask you questions about you not lol. My roommate always tell me to text him but he never make a conversation with me more like "lmao, LOL or whatever." Which tell me he doesn't want to talk to me so I stop.

  • i text all day, but I do not reply to an LOL because if they want to talk to me they can text me. I'm not about to force a conversation and I hate texting people who are always busy or who decide if there going to reply or not. Its annoying. I wouldn't text him personally, wait till he texts you and if he doesn't maybe he doesn't want to tlak to you.

    • I hate feeling like I'm forcing a conversation to. The other day I texted him in the morning, and he texted back at like 5. The thing is, he's in the air force, so I know he's pretty busy. What do you think about the update?

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    • no if he doesn't ask you why you didnty add him his not worth is, he seems like a douche

    • Maybe.