Is there such thing as texting each other too much?

Hello, thank you for taking time to answering this

first of all, I want to kind of explain my situation. I've been single (not counting flings) for a really long time. Have had bad experiences with women that have left me a bit bitter, scared, anxious and untrusting of women. So, please bear my dumb questions.

I was introduced to a girl via facebook, I made a compliment on her tagged pic of a mutual friend. apparently, the girl really liked the comment and asked her friend to hook us up.

We've been talking for about a week, and we started texting on Monday or Tuesday of last week. She's been texting me a lot, and so have I. I've even sent texts that didn't say much in particular and she has kept the conversations going many of those times and often a reply within two mins.

she is 19 and I'm 23. sometimes, there is breaks of a couple of hours at most, when we're not texting.

Im afraid of over texting and making it boring. I mean, its really both of us that have kept the texts going, but I originally did not want to text her so much to leave conversation for our date that might happen this weekend. However, she seems to really want to talk to me and I did not want to be rude...but I DO try to not make all my response to quick as to appear a bit busy at times.

We've been texting for a few days in a row back and forth, and our conversations are usually pretty good.

should I lay off the texting? is it a bad idea to be texting her back so much? I don't want her to loose interest but I also don't want her to get bored.

also, her parents are pretty over protective over her. we MIGHT go out this weekend but she has to tell her parents and introduce me to them.

Apparently, the Dad is pretty overprotective and will try to intimidate me. She is also worried that my age might make them uneasy..not a huge difference right?

how should I try and make a good impression?
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i should probably mention that I AM indeed pretty interested and she is QUITE a looker. I've dated some good looking girls in my past but none like her! she is a total 10!
Is there such thing as texting each other too much?
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