Does sleeping with someone too fast ruin everything, even if we have been feeling for few months?

I met this guy few months ago at a bar where I DJ, 1st time I saw him I had some special feeling already, he wasn't like other men always talk loud or picking up girls..he always sat at the same table either chatting with the owner or alone. But I aware that he always kept looking at me with a distance. One day the owner finally introduced us, we chat a little then I back to work. After that time, I was even more sure he was looking at me a lot, even when I left the booth and go to the bathroom his eyes 'd followed, but thing is he never talked to me or gave me a smile.

So this eyes contact situation continued few months , I'd say we met at least 10 times, nothing changed until a week ago I went to work again, that night there was a party and it was packed, I had to say I did a good job people dancing and didn't want to leave, he was there too, but this night he seemed to drink more than usual and finally smiled to me and raised his arms to show me he liked my music, so I smiled back, few min later he walked to me and said he had to tell me I was the best DJ in town, so we chat a bit (he mentioned the manager's name as the manager liked me for a long time and the owner tried to fix us up), so I decided to tell him I wanted to talk with him and asked him to wait for me, he said yes.

So, now the story started, I finished my gig and we went to another bar, he was quite drunk and kept repeating I was such a nice girl, then we kissed, ended up he went home with me, well, in the morning we had sex, not a very complete one because he was too hung over, and he told me he had to go, then he said we should meet up again very soon. Funny thing was he left with mistaking wearing my glasses,so he texted me when he got home, then at the same night he texted and asked me for lunch the next day, I agreed to have dinner instead so we did. But then the restaurant he picked was very closed to his place, we had a good conversation and both interested to learn each other, and I knew he has a good and serious job. After dinner he invited me to his place for a drink and I another long conversation, not too much drinks, and I stayed over. We had sex again that night and morning, he even texted to go to work later and suggested to go for breakfast, we did and chat more before saying goodbye. So now is the thing, I actually am feeling bad, I have learnt that he is divorced, I don't really mind dating divorced man, but I feel worried if he thinks I am too easy, I don't know why he divorced and if he is seeing someone, although I didn't see any woman stuff at his..I have very good feeling to him and like to date him more, but is the early sex ruined everything? Also after our sex he was laughing so I asked him why, he said he needed to "practice more"..he also said he liked me with strong opinion to things, does that mean he doesn't think am cheap? What should I do now? Just wait and see if he will ask me out again? Should I stop having sex with him next time?
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Btw, I think he and he ex wife divorced for some years already, but I have no idea if they still in touch. Do you think if he is a player then he would't choose to sleep with me because the owner is our common friend? (And the owner actually also gave me hint before and said : Every time when he knew you were DJing he'd be here).

Do you think he won't take me serious anymore?

He is actually good looking with a good job without children, am sure he had many chance to get laid though..
Does sleeping with someone too fast ruin everything, even if we have been feeling for few months?
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