How should I message a girl with a boyfriend?

There's this beautiful girl that if seen a few times at my school. I started asking some people for some information about her, I found out that she has a boyfriend. This isn't just some random crush, she's actually beautiful. Is there something I can do besides just wait and see if she becomes single? Her boyfriend is a football player, shorter than I am, but strong and could definitely kick the sh*t out of me if he so chose to. I really really want her, not just like I want to get into her pants, I'm extremely interested in her. UPDATE: Recently, her boyfriend and her have seen fairly separated. I haven't seen them together in weeks. I think they might be having an argument or have broken up. Clearly, my time is now. Someone told me to message her on Facebook, which I think I will. How is this as a message?:

Hey [NAME OMITTED], I'm a Junior at [NAME OMITTED]. I have seen you before in the halls and you immediately struck me as an absolutely beautiful girl. So I started asking some people for some information about you in the hope of approaching you eventually. But then I learned you were dating [NAME OMITTED]. I have no desire to mess up your current relationship, or put it under any stress, but I just had to say that you are beautiful, and that you deserve to be treated with care, affection and respect. I hope you take this in only the best way possible, and never think of yourself as anything less than amazing.

What can I add/ should improve/ should remove etc.? What is something I could say to let her know I'm interested should anything happen? Please help! Thanks.

I have a better version uploaded now, please refer to that one.
Well, that post got removed. Sorry fir the kind of duechey title, and stuff.
Breaking news!: I said, "Hey". LOL. Still waiting for a response. Keep ya posted.


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  • So, remove the part where it says: "I started asking some people for some information..." It makes you sound like a stalker. Are you friends with her on Facebook? I think she would probably be more comfortable with a "hello" and pretend like you haven't been "researching" her. That will come off as creepy and way too forward. What you are saying to her is sweet and beautiful, but I'm afraid she won't see it that way. However, write it down, and someday, if you wind up together, this will score major points... ;) Just get to know her for now and get a sense of if there is a mutual attraction. Don't go make any declarations of undying love or something. lol

    • Lol, I kind of went or the sappy love story novel as opposed to flirty message. She was online for a while today but I wimped out. Other than that alteration, should I still send the message, or should I just wait till she's online again and say hi? Or just go up to her in the halls? Because while I don't want to seem like a stalker, I do want to seem ballsy and confident, and seem like I know what I'm doing. Thanks! Like I said I have seen them seperate recently, and so I don't want to wait.

    • Also, keep in mind that while she added me on Facebook, she really doesn't know me at all. And she's a year older. AND she has a boyfriend(probably). I have a better version of this question on my page, could you post to that one instead?

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  • You have mutual friends, right? Get one of them to start talking to her, and when you "just happen" to walk by, get introduced. Just a nice, friendly hi, and then, when you are on Facebook, start up a random conversation. You probably won't chicken out if you aren't planning on saying anything creepy or embarassing... just a normal conversation. See where it goes.

    • We really don't have mutual friends. I just know some seniors that know of her. Should I just say hello next tine she's on Facebook? But the problem is where do I go from there? She's a year older, and doesn't know me at all. I want for her to at least know that I'm interested. Would it be weird for me to tell her she's beautiful, or compliment her otherwise?

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    • Alright. That's unfortunate, but whatever. I'll chat her up next time she's online. how do I get around the fact the she has a boyfriend? And what do I say to her? She's a year olderthan me and doesn't really know I exist. Even though she confirmed me.

    • just be friendly with her, and wait in the wings. They will not last forever, and if you can get to know her as a friend until then, then you can snatch her up when he's gone. To a lot of girls, age won't matter, but some girls need some time to get used to the idea. I've had younger guys like me, and it doesn't bother me as long as they are mature.

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  • That message is really creepy.

    • Then what do I do?

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    • And she has a boyfriend obviously.

    • She was online today, but I pussied out. :( I'll wait till she's online another time, then say hello or hey or something. Then just see where the conversation takes me?

  • What happened with the asking out?

    • It didn't end up working out, but I'm glad I did anyways. It's one of these things where I did it largely because I would have regretted not doing it.

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