A girl on match.com gave me her number. What do I text her for the 1st time to not seem awkward?

I had been emailing a girl on match.com and at the end of her last email she gave me her number saying "If you'd like to contact me feel free to text me, it's a bit easier. =) xxx-xxx-xxxx

My question is what do I say in the text to start? I feel like no matter what I say it will be awkward.

"Hey, this is x from match.com. How are you?" seems dumb. Any ideas? (I also don't want to say the wrong thing and come off as a weirdo or something)


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  • how's itgoing?

    how was your day?

    what's up?


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  • "Hey it's (name). How's it going?" would be fine. No need to specify Match.com because chances are she hasn't given her number to many men online or know many with your name so she won't need the obvious clarifier.

    Don't worry about coming off as weird. She gave you her number so she's expecting you to make contact. You can't be super charming via text right off the bat anyway.


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  • Been first time you sent her greeting that you appreciate by getting her number and her respons from e-mail that base on truth that is while she was able to give it to you

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