What to do at the mall with your crush?

I'm thinking of inviting my "crush"/guy friend to the mall with me. I kind of like him, but not really. I used to rrrrreally like him & he rejected me but we stayed friends.

It was his idea to hang out & I'm thinking of inviting him to the mall with my female friend & I.

I don't want to bore him.. Nor do I want to be completely romantic either. And I don't want to leave anyone out... Could you guys help me out here? What could I do when I don't have much money w| my two good friends? Thanks in advance. <3


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  • Bring him into the men's clothing stores and make him try on the clothes. Compliment him. If you are outgoing, tease him about the the models on the lingiere posters.


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  • Wouldn't it be better if it's just you two instead? Let's say that the guy kinda likes you, which us why it was his idea to hang out. But your friend could be some sort of 'obstacle', if that makes sense? He might not feel too comfortable to show how he feels, drop hints etc etc.

    • I'm almost positive that he doesn't like me. He says the age difference between us is the reason he won't date me.. He flirts & he's not afraid to do that in front of my friends. He rubbed my thighs & poked my t*ts when I was at the movies with him & my other friend, but I'll be sure to ask if it's okay to bring my girl pal. c: Thanks!

  • The mall isn't a good place to go.