What do I do on a first date? Need some ideas fast!

What the heck do I do. Ok here's the thing, I've got these two girls I like them both first off. Not dating either of them, Yet. In the process of trying to decide who I want more.

Other than that, here is the deal, so I have a date with this one girl tomorrow to hang out, so far I like her a lot more, and really don't wanna mess it up. What do I do? Where do I take her to hangout? There really ain't much fun to do around here sept drive, and go out to eat/or to the movies in the evening. Any ideas? Do I dare invite her over to my place or is that a no go on a first time hanging out with a girl?

Also the second girl wants to meet me at the mall that one should go smoother, sept I don't think I'm all she expects lol. So my question is, I mean I plan on doing some shopping and taking her with me, figured that should be k since girls dig shopping that should go well. But what do I do after that, they do have a theater in the mall? Although I don't even know what movie I'd take her to see. So confused. SO much thrown at me all at once, I like the first one cause she hasn't been so pushy. The second one is kinda I wanna meet you know. Which is kinda a turn off.

When I called the first girl here for the first time things where going well on the phone, but she implied she was up to some things. No big deal. I was k with that things happen you know. Although then she was like I'll call you back, but she did say she wanted to hang out tomorrow and to give her a call tomorrow and we'd decide when and where to meet up. SO am I in? Or am I out with this girl I'm so freaking, kinda have a total crush on first site/meeting of her.

Your help with both is deeply appreciated Females.


Well, things went well on the date. But afterwards on the second and third meet up they didn't fair so well. So. Oh well thanks for the help all.


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  • Don't do anything to serious or romantic for a first date. It just means that you are trying to impress us, and while in theory that is an okay thing, you just don't want to over do it on the first date.

    Try taking her to your favorite restaurant and then do something fun like bowling or walking around a park. Do something that takes some physical or where there will be some pretty scenery.

    Don't do a movie for the first date cause you sit there all quiet and don't get a chance to know one another. Hope that helps!


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  • Best bet: Community theater. Any decent sized town will have some form fo theater going on on fri/sat/sun. There are usually local bands at bars and grills that could be fun to go see as well.

    There are things going on as soon as you start looking, theater, music, and some bars can be just fun places to hang out.