Should I call him after 6 months?

I would like a guys opion on this... I really ike this guy and he knows it, I think about him all the time,haven't spoke to him in 6 months I have no clue how to see him but I kept his phone number..I want to call him, do you think he will think I am chasing him, and think why does she still have my number,or do you think, if he wanted to contact me he would have he does know where I work..We never went out together...

I left my number for him 6 months ago and he did call and left me a message,I called him back and left him a message but he never called back what should I do.
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Well thanks for all you help...Just wanted to say I finally got up the nerve to call him, he has a cell phone through the company he works for, well I guess someon else has his phone now because, the voice mail said a diffrent name,but the same company,so either he retired or quit I don't know,but kinda sad I will never see him again..
Should I call him after 6 months?
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