Is it normal to be 17 and a virgin?

I've never been asked out/ dated a guy who I Haven't been friends with for at least a month. I'm 6ft and 140lb. I seem to be anti-flirting material or something. Most importantly, is it normal to be 17 and still a virgin?

And is being a virgin a turn off for guys?


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  • it makes me sad to scrole through the internet and read a question like this. it makes me sick to see how much people care about what other people think. ofcourse its normal. YOUR A TEENAGER. truth said, you probably shouldn't be thinking about sex until your married, but you wouldn't want anyone thinking your a prude.


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  • *Sigh* I agree with armyguy176. It's very sad that anyone would think it's not normal for someone to be under 18 and still a virgin. I'm 24, a virgin, and waiting until marriage. If anyone is going to tell me something is wrong with that, they had better be prepared to explain why or else they will not have a moment of my attention.

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin at that age and it can be quite attractive. I'm still a virgin and plan on waiting until marriage to change that. Despite what so many of the same age say, you'd be surprised to find out that the majority of them are also virgin!

  • Turn on for me :) I'm 22 and a virgin


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  • I'm gonna be the 25-or-so year old virgin (by choice). No worries. :) Personally I don't think sex has any business with high school age kids. Actually if you want my honest opinion, I think sex belongs only to married couples. Which is why I'm the 25-or-something-year-old virgin (I'm 19 now so may or may not get married by then).

  • Yes it's normal. No it's not a turnoff. Simple as.

    My first boyfriend was when I was 18 and I'm still a virgin at 21. It's more common than you'd think, most people I know seem to lose their virginity at 19-21. With a few exceptions - some before, some having hit 22 and still not slept with anyone.

    If you're still a virgin in ten years time you can start worrying, but for now you're fine!

  • Yes, it is normal to be 17 and a virgin.

    Whether being a virgin is a turn-off depends on age. If you're 17 it is definitely not a turn-off to any guy because it's normal (ha) to be a virgin at that age. However, if you're 37 and a virgin it is going to be a turn-off for some people.

    As for this "anti-flirting material" thing: you're young. Guys your age are a bit silly, you know. I didn't get hit on all that much when I was a teenager. Now (I'm 34) I do. Guys just take some time to mature ;-)

  • Yes it is normal at that age -_-

    It's absurd how earlier and earlier kids these days are losing their virginity... I mean having sex when you're like 13, 14? Come on... you're just too young still to realize the consequences of your actions

    Also we all progress at different levels. There is no race in any of this. Everyone experiences things differently...

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