What does it mean to chase a girl?

Everyone here says that it's important for a girl to be chased by a guy. But I don't know what that means. And I'm kind of worried.

When my guy asked me out, I didn't decline or anything, I just said yes, and had dinner with him. A couple of weeks later, when he asked me to watch a TV show with him, I said yes, went over to his place, where he kissed me for the first time. Ever since then, unless I really can't make a date, I've always accepted his invitation, and I've been seeing him for 3-4 months now. Does this make me boring? Should I have done things differently?


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  • No your fine.

    Chasing is just in reference to a guy actively pursuing a girl I'm guessing. Instead of just letting the oppurtunity go by, it's putting in effort to go after that person. Can be either male or female who do it, but guys are often more prepositioned for it.

    I think what your referring in respects to you, is this whole " hard to get," thing.

    Playing hard to get is a tad risky - often girls end up completely leaving men in the dark, and the guy will gradually lose interest if he feels his pursuits are futile.

    Cases of hard to get usually come in the form of a guy who is pursuing a girl who does want him, but isn't quite sure. She will flirt back, let him know she's interested, but won't quite let him have her just yet for whatever reason. An example would be like, maybe the guy's a player, and she knows this, he likes her a lot but she's waiting on him to do something about his playership before anything happens. Or maybe she got out of a long relationship, likes the guy who's chasing her, but isn't quite emotionally ready for it yet, so she keeps him a bit at bay.

    Either way, she's got to make a decision eventually or the guy will take his efforts else where.

    You being boring would depend on what he finds intersting in a partner. He may like someone who's available to watch movies and hang with him, or go out often with him and enjoy your company - so saying yes often isn't neccessarily a bad thing.

  • If he genuinely likes you and you like him too, basically if you guys are on the same page then I don't think you need 2 make him chase you or play any games with him. but being too available is never good in my opinion, especially when you 1st start dating, but if he really likes you and is looking for a possible relationship and not JUST sex then you don't have 2 play any games

    ...although playing hard 2 get is needed sometime. if your not sure about a guy (not sure if he likes you for u) that's probably where it'd come in. you have to know if he'll stick around even after you prove your not easy (and when I say u, I don't mean YOU lol..Im just speaking in general)

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