My ex girlfriend persistently asks about my love life... What does this mean?

She (20) dumped me (25) about three months ago. We had so great relationship for about two years, and she chased me almost one year before that! She was TOTALLY crazy for me and did EVERYTHING to get me! Finally I started dating her and we had so great times, until I got too needy and clingy in the last few months. I became jealous controlling etc... that was the reason for dumping. Yes, shame on me.

Well, now she started to SMS me again. More and more. She sent me a text asking me "So how is your love life going nowadays?" I replied "Well, nothing serious."

And that made her go crazy! She started to ask:

- Who is that girl?

- Are you dating many girls?

- Are they better than me?

- You have some "sex" thing with them?

- Where did you find these girls?

- I bet you are dating and messaging with many girls

- Are you sure you messaged to correct number? I bet you have so many girls to text with...

- I just know you, so you must have many girls around you again... I'm a bit shocked though...

She even started to give some sexual flirt over the SMS. She knows I was (and I am!) a huge fan of her legs and thighs... LOL. So she said "my feet will be even more great soon, I bet they even taste better. Well perhaps your new girls have even better...".

Hahah! She dumped me in the first place! And she said she has been dating some guy for two weeks now. But suddenly she seems to be very jealous, curious, joking and even flirting. There's some positive and teasing vibe in the connection. She also suggested us to be friends, because "it would be a shame to throw our great history away".

What does all this mean? Does this mean she wants to get back with me?

And what should I do? Maintain light contact, be more a challenge, let HER do the job? I'm also open for the idea of friends of benefits. How should I act that she will realize what mistake she made, I really wanna throw all that wimpy neediness away forever (which led to the break up). How should I process towards and gain my attractiveness again?

I'm already moving on, still I wanna see if there's chance for something.

My ex girlfriend persistently asks about my love life... What does this mean?
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