What does all this mean? Ex girlfriend suddenly ignoring me?

My ex-girlfriend and I broke up about 2 months ago but we still kept in touch several times a week. Since then she has gotten a new boyfriend but we still kept in contact just as much and she was still acting as though we still we were together. We even saw each other a few times but nothing happened. The past few times we have tried getting together it never happened and the next time I would hear from her she would act as though we never had plans to go out (I never questioned her as to why it didn't happen). This last time she told me that she was thinking about me and wanted to see me this week but when I contacted her to see what day she wanted to meet she ignored me. I haven't heard from her since and this is the longest we have gone without talking to each other. What is up with her? She acts like she likes me and talks to me the same way as when we were together but then she will turn around and ignore me and give no explanation. What do you think all this is about?


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  • shes moved on from u, and doesn't really expect to hangout with u. and to add to that, she likes the attention you are giving her. so in other words, stay away from her. she knows that you like her still, and she will milk that as much as she can from that distance.


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  • Shes an ex and in such she is moving on... and her relationship can't work with you still in the picture. Keeping you in her life means that every time that she sees you that she has conflicting emotions... so to straighten things out she's letting go of the connection with you.

    You should move on yourself... its not healthy to obsess or force your way into her life.

  • she is doing the slow breackup routine and you are clearly not catching on. move on and find a new gf

    • We are already broken up and have been for 2 months

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