When a guy asks to reschedule a date, is it a sign for me to move on?

We aren't officially a couple, but we've gone out a couple times and although we didn't all them "dates" they usually end up like one.

I feel like I'm putting in more effort into seeing each other than he is. I had to be the first to initiate contact after we went out last time, and even recently messaged him suggesting to go out again this Saturday. He asked me what I had in mind, and I shared my idea (spending time by the ocean). He responded really well saying "Sounds perfect. :) Actually, it's sort of romantic... are you trying to woo me? xP"

To which I said "Hm, is it working? ;) I was born with the ability to charm."

I'm not sure if he had a chance to read my reply because it was via. Facebook and it doesn't seem like he had been online to see it.

However, tonight I received a text from him saying that "Hey, I can't do Saturday. I have a lot of homework to do and I'm busy all day Sunday. Could we reschedule?"

Naturally, I'm bummed... honestly I don't know if it is time for me to let go of him. When we are together, we always enjoy ourselves a lot-- but I just feel like this is too much work. It isn't supposed to be THIS hard to start a relationship with someone right? I mean, if he wanted to be with me-- wouldn't he make the time? :/


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  • Sounds like a blow off to me, but I wouldn't completely be done with him yet, just pull back now and let him make the moves. After a guy blows me off I totally quit and let him chase me. If he doesn't? then oh well next week you'll have a new guy chasing you. I know it hurts but why would you want to be with someone who isn't interested in you anyway. And come on what guy does HW on a sat night? You can do better I'm sure


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  • I agree with CarNut. Just hold back and let him reschedule the next date. You already made it clear you would like to see him, and since he postponed, he's the one who has to initiate again. If he doesn't, THEN you move on.

  • Naturally anyone would be bummed. He's one blowing you off but or two could be telling the truth. Actions speak louder than words. Watch his actions following this sitch.
    Been there done that. Been the one blowing people off as well. Don't completely cut him loose. But hang back as car nut as said. let him chase you. maybe he felt like you were chasing him (I think we all as women have accidentally done that once). Don't accept first text, call or date- let it lax for a bit. keep your eyes peeled to this dude. if he does this again, peace out cub scout. and move on you can do way better.

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