Why does he treat me like crap and the next week I'm the person he wants again?

Okay, so Me and this guy have been seeing each other on and off for over a year, but never classified as "dating" and he does this thing where one week he'll be texting me all the time and wanting to see me etc and then for two weeks he's ignoring my texts, not really interested when we talk etc. He does have a crazy work roster but it's like if I don't see him for three-four weeks, its "we should hang out, goodnight xoxoxoxxo, etc"

I just wanna know from you guys Why he's ignoring me one moment and the next he's practically in love with me.


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  • You're a booty call. He's in love with you when he hasn't been laid in a while.


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  • He's using you as a "friend with benefits" and if you don't know what that means, he's just using you for sex. I know that's really mean to say but the situation you're in has happened to a few my friends. Throw him under the gutter, get rid of him before he hurts you more.

    (And if you guys aren't having a sexual relationship, he still seems like a loser who uses you.)

    Point is, just get rid of him!

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