Guys does it put you off when a girl is clearly really into you?

I have been dating this guy for the past 7 weeks. He just quit his job and is planning to go backpacking and I am moving away soon. We were both aware of each others situations when we first met.

This past week we spent a lot of time together and I am really into him. Since time is running and I only have 3 weeks left I want to spend as much time with him as I can, so instead of waiting around for him to message me I have been asking him if he wants to hang out. The whole time we have been dating we have initiated contact with each other quite equally, but lately its been more from me. However when we do go out he always extends our time together, he invites me to spend the night, asks if I want to get breakfast and then go for walks, stuff like that.

Anyway, I do feel like the past week I might have been coming on too strong, but I am just going after what I want in my last weeks here and so far he has seemed receptive to it. Guys, if a girl comes on too strong and makes it clear she is really into you and wants to spend time with you does that put you off?


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  • Then thts perfect OK :)

  • Just a little bit..well depends, if she is hot I'll be like heey sexxxyyy...if the guy know what love means then no. It varies okay..this question is very complicated.

    If the girl is ugly, we don't want her, she will be annoying.

    In the end, it is kinda, but I would still want a girl to be somewhat into me...okay? Don't push it too far...and you have to be into him in a little or he will get a vibe you don't like him.

    When girls do that, throw theirself at guys it just degrades you as a person, and our respect toward u. Don't do tht.

    • Well I wouldn't say I am throwing myself at him... just contacting him more then I normally would because I am leaving soon and won't see him anymore.

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