Sending a crush a blank text message?

Guys if you got a blank text from a girl, and you responded with something like, "Why did you send me a blank text?"

And the response was something like..."Hmm, I don't think I did, sounds like a lame excuse to text me ;)"

Would you think it was cute or a little needy/ lame?

Would you catch on to the fact that it was a ploy for attention? Or would this be a case when guys are conveniently oblivious?

  • I'd be completely oblivious it was done on purpose
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  • I'd know she did it on purpose, and think it was lame
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  • I'd know she did it on purpose, but find it cute
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  • I'd realize it's a flirty thing, but for it to be cute I'd probably need to be attracted to the person in the first place, I'd not see it as needy or lame though, mostly cute.


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  • I do that to girls and make it looks like they are after my attention. I like someone who thinks like me ;D

  • I would be kinda turned off. a friendly hello or how are you is more than good enough to get a conversation started with me. as long as I'm not the only one talking.

  • I would delete it. If she sent me a real text I would read it.


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