Haven't heard from him in a week, should I text him?

So my more then a friend guy went away to see some family in another state and the last time I got a text from him was when he almost arrived(he drove there-it's a 16hr dr) He's very family oriented so I wasn't expecting to hear from him too often.Needless to say I haven't heard from him at all! Two days later I sent him a text saying hoping all was well and to text me when he could; he never responded to that text and that was a week ago. I know he's not back since we work at the same department, but I'm just wondering if I should wait for him to text or if I should send him another one?


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  • Well, there is always the possibility (as unlikely as it may seem) that he may have been unable to make calls from his phone due to problems with his phone, or possibly something may have happened such as him being in an accident. Having said that, as a guy, if I were sleeping with another woman, I would shut my phone off if I didn't want her to find out I was associating with another woman. This would make sense given that he dissapeared for 2 days.

    • As much as I'd hate to think there was someone else it makes sense! We aren't official so it's fine, but I just find it out of his character to sleep with someone else especially after he asked me to stop sleeping with other people. I am a very attractive person and honestly, I'm starting to believe that I'm too good for him! So in the end, it's his loss, not mine!

    • you were correct on the other woman!

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  • It depends on your initial relationship. If you had a relationship where you texted each other often, then the logical answer would be yes. If it was a relationship where you texted each other infrequently, and he hasn't responded, the answer would be no. If you two are usually intimate, and he goes away for a long period of time without text messaging you, you should definitely be considering the fact that he may be sleeping with someone else.

    • the last text he sent me said he was stuck in traffic and to not get upset if he couldn't text me. In response I told him it wasn't a big deal and to text me whenever he had a chance and to have a good time. I don't know if he's sleeping with someone else but I trust him with that-I just don't want to overwhelm him but I am surprised I haven't heard from him

    • As much as I'd hate to admit it, it makes perfect sense. Though we aren't official, he asked me to stop sleeping with other men. I won't text him mainly because I have always been the pursuer here, so if he wants me he's going to have to show me! And honestly I'm really starting to believe that I am too good for him. Not to sound stuck up or anything but I am a very attractive person and I have no problems finding guys, it'll be his loss not mine!

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