He takes HOURS to reply and it's annoying

I'll text a guy usually in the late morning or afternoon sometimes and ask if he wants to hang out later that night. a lot of the times he won't reply not a yes or no or I don't know or anything until at night and ask if I still want to hang out. Why does he do this? Why does he wait all day to reply to me? Why can't he just give me a heads up if he is planning on it or not or doesn't want to or whatever? I know he's not a busy person and I know he gets my texts.


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  • Here are the possibilities as I see them.

    A: He doesn't prioritize you, and therefor you're not important to him. He's holding out for whatever reason. A better offer. Better plans. Who knows, who cares?

    B: He doesn't prioritize texts, which is a very strong possibility, and any real man should naturally feel this way.

    C: He doesn't check his phone that often. He didn't see the texts until then.

    D: He is waiting at last second, and is more interested in a booty call

    E: Like WeaponZero said. He's not checking until he charges his phone.

    Who knows what his reasons are. But if you don't get your quick response, then there are other options you can try. For example...

    I think that if you really want to get a hold of him, pick up a goddamned phone and fucking TALK to him. You know what talking is? It's a thing people do with their mouths, and up until about five to ten years ago, that was people's primary means of communication. Either by phone or in person. This texting thing that's been sweeping people (especially girls) is NOT something that should replace talk, and there are fucking lot of good reasons for this.

    Seriously if it's so important to you, try actually calling him up on the fucking phone, and talking to him, guess what, if he answers the phone, your answer will be instantaneous.

    Call him. Because frankly? Fuck texts.


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  • Because it's a text. Texting is not meant to be a replacement for actual phone conversations. By the way, guys tend to be very bad about texting in general compared to girls because guys more often than not prefer actual phone conversations.

    If your message is urgent or you want a reply in the immediate future, pick up a phone and actually call. Texting is not meant to be a primary means of communication.

    • QA: Notice the timing of when he replies. The way you make it sound, he doesn't reply to your texts until he takes his phone out for the night to put it on the charger. It's more than likely he doesn't even notice any incoming texts earlier on in the day due to how he stores his phone or his text notification not being loud enough. Don't blow this out of proportion. Simply start calling him rather than texting him.

    • I'm Toban Frost, and I approve this message.

  • Either he

    doesn't see you as a big prioirty


    is trying not to come off as needy/wants you to think about him more by replying less

    what I'd do next time is just take longer than usual to reply back to his txt

    OR he's just a bad texter

  • IF you need an urgent answer, make a phone call. It's not hard.


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  • he waits throughout the day to see if he will make other plans, when he doesn't your his back up. he's just not that in to you and/or wanting anything with commitment. don't make someone a priority when they only make you an option. :D

    • Wow, girls really read way too much into things guys do. Ever consider the possibility he just isn't all that good about texting? I know plenty of guys who let texts go by for days on their phones without bothering to even so much as read them because we don't text each other. We use our phones as phones.

    • bottom line here is that she is trying to make plans and he is putting off making them until the last minute. if a guy truly wants to see you, you will know somehow whether via text or phone call. I find it hard to believe "he's just not a texter" when it seems like he can't even call her. I base my opinions on facts and experience, sadly lol

    • It's possible though he just didn't know he received a text until way later on in the day. That's the case with me. The text notification on my phone isn't loud enough to be able to hear it when it's in my pocket a lot of the time and so I don't notice I had any texts until I'm plugging it into the charger at night. Think about it: The QA said he only responds to texts at night. More than likely he doesn't even realize he had texts until putting it on the charger for the night.

  • He's waiting to see if a better offer comes along. You are his last resort.

    I'd forget him & find someone who treats you better.

    • Amazing how girls are reading so much into this. I'm the same way but that's not the reason why. Guys in general tend to prefer phone conversations over text. Guys don't text each other generally, we pick up a phone and call.

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    • Depends on the topic. =) I'm a very logic-minded person. To a fault, I admit. I've been told I speak through logic when I should be speaking through emotion. Common aspie trait, though.

    • We must agree to disagree here.

  • He's not that into you. Basically if a guy's not making you high priority and not replying all the time, he's just not that into you. I know it's hard to accept and maybe you can do something to make him see how great you are..but yah

    • Or it could be he just is the type who doesn't check his texts because he uses his phone as a phone.

  • Might not always be around his phone so whoever is a contact on it isn't a high priority.

  • If you're sure he's not working/busy during the day, then he could very well be waiting to see if any other plans come up before he answers you. If he doesn't have plans, he could decide he wants to hang out and texts you or he just texts you because it's at night, he's horny, and he's hoping you're into that