Guys, Why does he take ages to reply?

I have met this really nice guy a couple of months ago, but we've been seeing each other for like 3 weeks. At the beginning, before our first date, he would text a lot, we would have a very fluid conversation. But after our first date he started taking hours (never less than 3) to reply.
So I'm very confused. We have had 3 dates and he is really nice, we have really nice conversations and when face-to-face he is always the one who proposes the next date (and goes through with it) He only cancelled once, but immediately proposed another date. I don't know, it looks like it takes him longer and longer and longer each time. I don't get it. But then he is the one to start the conversation, with simple messages that makes clear that he's thinking of me...
When he's with me, he doesn't look at his phone much, but I think that when you're really into someone you want to talk to them a lot, don't you? :\
I am one to hate texting, but I understand that nowadays is an indicative of how into you he is. And I wouldn't care if he was like this with everyone else, but I don't know if it's just me or what. I feel it's very early to ask this question without looking like a crazy.
Guys, does the amount of texts represent how into the girl are you?
Thanks! <3
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Well, here’s an update.. he ghosted me haha

But hey, good riddance
Guys, Why does he take ages to reply?
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